SMP Volunteer Information

Medicare fraud steals billions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers every year. Here’s what you can do to HELP as a Senior Medicare Patrol Volunteer:

Volunteer Roles

  • Distributing information
  • Assisting with administration
  • Staffing exhibits
  • Making group presentations
  • Counseling
  • Managing complex interaction

Volunteer Role Descriptions

Find out how you can become a SMP volunteer by calling 1-800-333-4374

Be a Senior Medicare Patrol Volunteer

StateWide's Certified Counselors

StateWide’s certified counselors provide FREE personalized, confidential, unbiased information about Medicare options including prescription drug plans.

Call us at 1-800-333-4374 or email us at info@nysenior.org


StateWide is committed to providing education about the important issues affecting seniors today such as Medicare Fraud, Patient's Rights, and other issues. If you or your organization would like to request a presenter from StateWide, please call us at

1-800-333-4374  -or-
fill out a speaker request form here

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