In New York State a total of 38.6% Single person 65 + and 24% couples are living in “the gap” meaning their income is too high to be considered poor, yet they have sufficient incomes to make ends meet. To learn more about the economic sufficiency of older adults in NYS, StateWide compared NYS Elder Economic Security Index with the number of older New Yorkers by County who receive social assistance and other key economic factors using Census data from the American Community Survey, Census Bureau, 2019.

View StateWide’s NYS Elder Economic Sufficiency Tables by county here.

Key Findings from the tables below:

  • A total of 15.6% of New York ‘s older population receive SNAP Benefits or Food Stamps, and a total of 120,000 of NYS older residents qualify for Medicare Savings Programs, yet are not enrolled in these programs, leaving close to $6,000 on the table per person every year.
  • The Census estimates show that 33% of seniors 65+ are considered disabled with 8.9% having Difficulty in Self Care and 5.6% experiencing difficulty in Independent Living.
  • Among New York State’s elderly population:
    • a total of 377,016 elders spend more than 30% of their household income on rent;
    • a total of 403,382 of older home owners spend more than 30% of their household income on their housing costs; and
    • a total of 19.3 per cent subsist without a reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

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