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New York State Home Care Crisis Coalition >

Learn more about how to raise awareness about the inadequate home care services in New York State and seek solutions to provide accessible, affordable, and available home health care for people who need it in NYS.

 Elder Economic Security Index >

The Elder Economic Security Standard™ Index (Elder Index), measures how much income is needed for an older adult to adequately meet his or her basic needs – without public or private assistance – based on an elder’s housing and health statuses

NYS Elder Economic Sufficiency Tables

To learn more about the economic sufficiency of older adults in NYS, StateWide compared NYS Elder Economic Security Index with the number of older New Yorkers by County who receive social assistance and other key economic factors using Census data from the American Community Survey, Census Bureau, 2019.

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ACTION ALERT Your voice is urgently needed to tell your Congressmember: Oppose creating a debt commission, which would allow changes to Social Security via a closed-door process to cut already modest earned benefits while avoiding public accountability. Social...

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