The NY State Senate and Assembly will be holding the first joint hearing on Tues. May 28th in Albany on the New York Health Act [A5248/S3577] — legislation for universal, guaranteed healthcare!

We need a strong grassroots showing — sign up now to join us in Albany on May 28th!

Transportation is being coordinated for all the NY Health Act supporters across the state from Buffalo, Syracuse, Utica, Rochester, Ithaca, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Hudson Valley, Long Island! Sign up to reserve a seat before Wednesday at midnight!

Thanks to you, support for the New York Health Act in the legislature is growing. There is now a majority of the state Assembly cosponsoring the bill (see list of Assembly cosponsors). Just last week, Senator Andrew Gounardes (Brooklyn) officially cosponsored, bringing us to 31 cosponsors in the Senate. We only need one more Senate cosponsor to have a majority, which will help start the process of seriously evaluating this legislation in Albany.

But what happens next is up to us!

Sign up to attend the hearing in Albany on Tuesday, May 28th

The hearing on May 28th is an excellent opportunity for New Yorkers to have their voices heard. Speaking out and telling our stories about the struggle to access healthcare is the best way to refute the propaganda from the opposition. Insurance and Pharmaceutical Corporations like to say that our proposal is too disruptive and expensive. But that’s exactly what is wrong with the status quo. Too many New Yorkers can’t get the care they need because of cost, all while these corporations are posting record profits. Stay tuned for our forthcoming report analyzing nearly 2,500 responses to the healthcare survey to learn more about how New Yorkers are facing the healthcare crisis. 


-Katie Robbins, MPH

Campaign for New York Health




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