• NYS Nursing Homes are now required to give visitors a rapid COVID test to self-administer upon arrival at the facility:
  • NYS has sent sufficient supplies to the nursing homes.  If the facility does not provide a rapid test, visitors cannot be required to test before entering.
  • Visitors must be allowed to enter if they do not have COVID-19 symptoms or meet the criteria for quarantine (e.g., a positive COVID-19 test result).
  • If you encounter any problems, call the NYS Nursing Home Complaint Line 1-888-201-4563
  • On 2/2/22, the CDC released an updated  FAQ on nursing home visitation.

Q: Can a state require facilities to test visitors as a condition of entering the facility?
A: States can require visitors to be tested prior to entry if the facility is able to provide a rapid antigen test (i.e., the visitor is not responsible for obtaining a test). If the facility cannot provide the rapid antigen test, then the visit must occur without a test being performed if the visitor(s) does not report COVID-19 symptoms or meet the criteria for quarantine.

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