Speakers:  Gail Myers, NY StateWide Senior Action Council; Len Rodberg, PhD., Physicians for a National Health Plan/NYC Chapter & Ursula Rozum, Campaign for NY Health

NY StateWide Senior Action Council support for single payer/Medicare for All:
State Legislative Priority Platform:  The escalation of health care costs and failure of existing legislation to achieve universal coverage require continued emphasis on this vital issue. StateWide supports Universal Health Insurance, as the most effective vehicle for achieving universal coverage and cost control. StateWide will take the lead to advocate universal health care for all and will urge the passage of the “New York Health” legislation.
Federal Legislative Priority Platform: The best protection for Medicare, which now covers the most medically challenged part of the population, is to expand the risk pool to all, including younger, healthier Americans. StateWide supports federal Universal Health Insurance, the expansion of Improved Medicare for All, as the most effective vehicle for achieving universal coverage and cost control. StateWide supports the expansion of the Medicare program to provide universal health care for all.
Legislative Memo in Support
NYHealth petition 2017-2018

Medicare and Single Payer:
Medicare Recipients & the New York Health Act
NY Health and Medicare FAQ

Dr. Rodberg presentation slides

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