Buffalo News, December 3, 2021

Being a Nurse and living in rural WNY, I am appreciative of the Build Back Better agenda. Our state will get needed Federal funds for transportation, clean water and internet access. These resources will have a positive impact on our lives.

We must rebuild, not only physical infrastructure, but also social infrastructure. Social infrastructure includes not only the need for nurses, but all healthcare workers that are essential to the health of our communities. The pandemic has brought to light the dire need for these and other essential workers.

The Build Back Better agenda addresses social infrastructure by investing to end the waiting list of people needing home care services. Without this investment, our neighbors will be forced into nursing homes when they are unable to remain in our community without home care. The shortage of home care workers also places undo stress on the hospital system when patients cannot be safely discharged home. Build Back Better includes other important benefits for older residents. The final version is expected to have a Medicare benefit for hearing aids and caps total Medicare out of pocket drug coverage costs. It will also limit co-pays for insulin to $35/month, which is also significant for many Americans. ALL of these investments are essential!

I am grateful that Congressman Higgins worked to pursue these historic investments and helped make WNY a place where we can all thrive.


Ann Converso, RN

Lawtons, NY


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