Becoming a Central NY Health Task Force Member:

As a Health Task Force member will help identify, address, and solve problems in health care services and delivery in your home county and across the Central New York Region.  Using data from the focus groups report, “Barriers and Solutions to Accessing Healthcare in Central New York”, task force members will impact one local and one regional health care issue.  Through civic engagement, information, education, and advocacy with elected and administrative officials, task force members will help improve local and regional health care services by identifying problems and recommending needed solutions.

What You’ll Do:

  • Identify and help to solve health care related problems in the county you live in.
  • Attend and participate on a regular basis Leadership Task Force meetings and events. Typically two meetings per month with each meeting lasting two hours.
  • Use the report : Barriers and Solutions to Accessing Healthcare in Central New York: Key Findings and Recommendations, to assist you in identifying topics as potential task force projects.
  • Select one local health care problem, identified by the focus group from their county in the “Barriers” report.
  • Assist in selecting one regional health care problem, identified by other task forces across the eight county region.
  • Develop and implement strategies, approaches, and tools for solving an identified health care problem.
  • Share solutions and engage with members of your community through your personal and professional networks – friends, family, co-workers, churches, etc – and local elected and administrative officials.

You Are:

  • Passionate about finding solutions to barriers to health care in your home county and across the Central New York region.
  • Capable of working in a group of people from multi-cultural and multi-ethnic backgrounds.
  • Organized and open to learning new information.
  • Excited about making a contribution to your community while learning new skills and expanding your knowledge.
  • Dedicated to bringing a project to conclusion.
  • Open and direct in your communication with people while respecting their points of view.
  • Willing to spend time and energy to commit yourself to a group project.

What the New York Statewide Senior Action Council will Provide to You:

  • Opportunities for improving the health care system in your community through civic engagement and advocacy.
  • Resources, information, tools, and support for you in accomplishing the stated goals of your task force.
  • Regular contact and support from the program coordinator.
  • Regularly scheduled, structured meeting aimed at maximizing the autonomy and independence of each county task force.
  • Training on: meeting dynamics; establishing group goals and objectives; conducting research on health related topics; performing advocacy and techniques for civic engagement.

Want to join the CNY Health Task Force?

If are interested in joining us or have any questions please contact our Community Outreach and Digital Organizer Emily Akpan at eakpan.nysenior[at], 347-728-2910. If there is someone you believe would be a great addition to this task force, please have them contact Emily as well.

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