The New York StateWide Senior Action Council invites you to participate in a phone conference meeting for our Patients Rights work group on March 19 from 10-11 am.

This is a follow up to the December 10 Telephone Teach In we held on patients rights.   We appreciated the great participation from local chapters on that call.


Call in number: 605-562-0400

Access code:  4715203#

Other numbers you can use to dial in if the line is busy: 425-436-6260 or 


We would like each Chapter to have at least one representative participate in the call.  If you cannot participate please try to ask another member to represent your chapter if possible.

The agenda and links to materials are provided below..


1.  Patient Information Form–A tool to to help physicians assure access and communication when a patient is referred to a hospital.

2.  Model sympathy card–For practices can use to communicate with families of deceased patients.

3.  Proposals to improve patients rights policies..

4.  Possible Actions for local Chapters to Improve Local Hospital Care:- Patient information forms and sympathy cards

– Hospital caregiver access assessments

– Resources on StateWide’s website

Update on statewide and national campaigns that StateWide can partner with to improve patient safety:

-“Better Together Campaign” of the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care which offers a self assessment tool to help hospitals improve Change their policies to create a patient- and family-centered culture where families are recognized as essential to patients’ health and well-being, and where they are respected as allies for quality and safety.  -”Take Charge Campaign” National Initiative that will kick off in March and run through September to educate patients and caregivers to improve patient safety and empower patients.   Here is a link to a short video about the campaign. com/watch?v=aLxu8LKYgp8&t=1s

-Age Friendly Health Systems is a National and State Initiative started by the Hartford Foundation  to improve care for the elderly using the 4Ms approach.


– Community Voices for Health System Accountability (CVHSA)   An alliance of NY consumer advocacy organizations working to raise the voices of communities impacted by major changes such as mergers, down sizing, and closings of hospital systems.

Next Steps:

  • Tool kit
  • Regional forums to discuss problems related to patient rights
  • Future work group meeting topics
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