Changes Include Simplifying Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Application and Extending Window for Receiving Benefits.

The changes include simplifying the SNAP application, extending the duration these households can receive benefits before needing to recertify, and eliminating the need for them to complete an interview during the recertification process. The shortened application form can be used for both applying and recertifying for SNAP—easing and simplifying the process for qualified older and disabled adults. Households need only to complete a single sheet application, front and back, which greatly reduces the amount of time and effort required to apply or recertify for benefits.
Starting in December, eligible older New Yorkers can also now recertify their benefits for 36 months—12 months longer than the previous timeline for recertification. Additionally, applicants will no longer be required to complete an interview to recertify their benefits—frequently one of the greatest impediments to successful recertification.

You can apply online at

Help is available for people who need assistance to complete the application.  Call (800) 865-5542 to find a Nutrition Outreach and Education (NOEP) Coordinator near you.


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