A Call Center Agent took a call from a VT resident (Harriet) currently in Florida.  Harriet received a Facebook message from a friend who shared that she (the friend) had received a government grant for senior citizens, and Harriet could too.  She gave Harriet a number to text.

Harriet texted a number where she spoke to “Agent Greg Olsen” for the federal Empowerment Program. Agent Olsen took Harriet’s information and told her she qualified for $150,000 in money. While she was texting him, she googled “Greg Olsen” and saw that the director of NYSOFA is Greg Olsen, which gave her more confidence in the Federal Empowerment Grant “Agent Olsen” – she believed they were the same person.

Harriet’s friend’s Facebook account was hacked, and the Federal Empowerment Program is not texting awards to people. Harriet is a victim of a sophisticated scam. 

Never share your personal information.  Personal information includes: DOB, address, phone, Social Security number, Medicare number, credit card information, bank account numbers.  If you have been receiving these types of calls, please let us know.  Call the SMP Helpline at 800-333-4374.  

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