About Us: Mission Statement

The purposes of New York StateWide Senior Action Council shall be:

  • To achieve through united action the dignity, well-being and security of all senior citizens of New York State;

  • To provide a unified and articulate voice on behalf of older New Yorkers, especially as advocate for the low-income elderly and low-income persons of all generations;

  • To promote the general well-being of the aging through educational processes outlining the legislative needs of the elderly;

  • To promote the best interest of children and youth by intergenerational programs of mutual support;

  • To develop in the community an awareness of the needs and the capabilities of older persons;

  • To help develop the leadership abilities of the elderly through leadership training and skills utilization;

  • To monitor programs and services to the elderly of New York State to ensure their full representation and participation in planning, implementation and evaluation

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