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New York StateWide Senior Action Council is a grassroots membership organization made up of individual senior citizens and senior citizen clubs from all parts of New York State. StateWide was organized in 1972 from War on Poverty funds with the goal of developing a statewide organization of older New Yorkers who could advocate for their interests and needs regarding services, programs and policies effecting older persons. StateWide’s unique history and role has been to focus on the needs of the low-income and minority seniors.

With other advocacy organizations and service providers across the nation, StateWide has helped build a very successful and cost-effective aging network over the past three decades. This has reduced the number of senior citizens living in poverty by over 50%, has allowed seniors to remain in their communities, has dramatically increased quality of life, and has avoided costly institutionalization as the only alternative for long-term care. Continue reading StateWide’s History.

StateWide commemorates our 40th Anniversary with a short inspirational video. As part of an indepth interview video, Anna Stellwag, Lower Hudson Valley Chapter, wishes that “more people knew about StateWide…and that they not rest on their laurels, especially the senior group coming up, they have to understand that if they do that they will lose a lot of benefits that we have taken for granted.
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