The Patients Rights Helpline

StateWide has helped thousands of New Yorkers with their questions about their rights as health care consumers.

know your rights when you are accessing care in a hospital, nursing home or through home care.

NEW! StateWide Develops Hospital Patient Rights Tool Kit.
With an increased emphasis on improving the quality of care transitions in the health care system, empowering patients with information to take charge of their own care is very important. This includes appointing a health care proxy and completing forms to provide your instructions for end of life care. Our new Tool Kit provides you and your family members with the information to be a strong advocate to uphold your rights.

Call StateWide at 800-333-4374 if you have been:

  • Denied Emergency Treatment
  • Transferred Unsafely
  • Denied Admission
  • Discharged too soon
  • Not issued an adequate hospital discharge plan
  • Kept in a nursing home even though you wish to return to the community
  • Found conditions to be below acceptable standards
  • Having difficulty understanding what is covered by your insurance

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