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StateWide members and staff are often making news to raise the importance of senior issues.

12-19-16 StateWide is interviewed by Channel 6 News (Albany CBS affiliate) on costs Medicare enrollees face during inpatient vs. outpatient hospitalizations.  Observation status discussed.  

11-24-15 StateWide’s newest Chapter in Franklin County is announced

9-18-15 StateWide’s new initiative to increase recruitment and retention of home health care aides is supported by community groups with a letter to the editor, following press coverage, and more here, and an editorial in support.  Read about the initiative Home Care Crisis in the Adirondacks.

11-18-15 StateWide’s Executive Director Maria Alvarez testified before the NYS Assembly and joined Assemblymembers under the leadership of Assemblyman Crespo, Chair, Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force in a press conference.  Watch a news interview here.  The press conference was based on StateWide’s work on the new Insecurity Report: LIVING BELOW THE LINE: ECONOMIC INSECURITY AMONG NEW YORK’S ELDERS.  Read the the report.

11-17-15 StateWide’s advocacy for economic security part of paid family and medical leave efforts. Executive Director Maria Alvarez quoted in Albany Times-Union article. 

11-7-15 StateWide Board Member Robert Sinacore penned a letter to the editor of the Albany Times-Union on the lack of a Social Security COLA and the 2016 Medicare cost increases and a prior letter on the same topic prior to Congressional action to mitigate the significant proposed increases.

StateWide members in the North Country communities in Franklin and Essex Counties launched a campaign to address the severe shortage of home care workers.  See press coverage here, here, here. And the report.

September 21, 2014 StateWide marched in the Climate Change demonstration in NYC.  The Huntington Post gave it national coverage and featured our members (l-r) Genevieve Cervera and Muriel Beach.  Read the coverage climate march Muriel and Genevieve

August 14, 2014 – StateWide’s North Country Chapter hosted its 23rd Seniorama to provide information to local residents and visitors.  Statewide Outreach Counselor Sarah Jane was interviewed by a local television station.

July 16, 2014 A source for Patients Rights information, Statewide was interviewed for an article in the Albany Times-Union on choosing a retirement community.

sarah king and valesky-senior-affordability-PC

3-19-14  StateWide members joined a Senate Independent Democratic Conference press event on Making NY More Affordable for Our Seniors.  Included in the report were proposals to increase income eligibility for EPIC and to add funds for community-based services for seniors.  Both became part of the finalized state budget.  See video of the press conference.  See the news coverage.

2-11-14  StateWide Executive Director Maria Alvarez speaks at a NYS Senate Independent Democratic Conference press conference in support of paid family and medical leave. “No New Yorker should have to chose between caring for their family members and earning a living.  That’s why paid family medical leave is so important, especially for the more than 4 million NYS family caregivers who save New York $32 billion annually in costs for long term care.  It’s time that New York provide a benefit to helps these families when they need to care for a seriously ill family member.  New York’s seniors thank Sen. Klein and the Independent Democratic Conference for providing the leadership to establish an insurance benefit that will make a real difference.”

1-28-14 Statewide hosts a forum for seniors with Albany County elected leaders.  Board member Deb Riitano was interviewed by the local CBS TV affiliate.

8-26-13 StateWide Executive Director Maria Alvarez was interviewed for a story that appeared in the Money Section of USA Today about seniors who are unclear if they need to purchase insurance through the Health Care Exchange created by the Affordable Care Act.  The Exchange, in New York now named “NY State of Health, the Official Health Plan Marketplace” does not apply to anyone 65 or over.
See more on this story at:

7-31-13 StateWide joins the Single Payer Network to celebrate Medicare’s birthday and urges adoption of Medicare for All.  See coverage from the Albany Times Union and News Channel 13.

7-9-13 StateWide was interviewed in relation to financial abuse targeting elders after a Capital District arrest of a sweepstakes scammer.  See the coverage on YNN.

2-21-13  Albany Times Union US Senator Schumer joins StateWide to urge a fix for Medicare Observation Hospital Status and article encourages readers to call StateWide for assistance.

2-19-13 Albany Times Union reports on press conference with Congressman Tonko on the need to avert sequestration.

Calling $85 billion in pending budget cuts “mindless,” U.S. Rep. Paul D. Tonko on Monday joined advocates in demanding alternatives that would stave off potentially devastating effects of the reductions on seniors and the middle class.The advocates and the Amsterdam Democratic lawmaker suggested the government gradually reduce spending while cutting tax breaks for oil companies, large corporations and the richest 2 percent of Americans.

12-18-12 Albany Times Union reports on problems with Medicare Hospitalization Observation Status and encourages readers to call StateWide for assistance.

12-7-12 StateWide comments in radio story on the possible impact of the fiscal cliff on senior services

10-10-12 Albany Times Union covers StateWide’s 40th Anniversary Convention

3-27-12 StateWide President Jim Collins was in DC  and joined the crowd outside the Supreme Court while they deliberated the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act on March 27, 2012.  He was interviewed on the radio by NPR in Boston and was the first speaker on the radio broadcast “Here and Now”.  The link is below (there may be a short commercial that plays first.)

March 21, 2011 Oneida Daily StateWide Senior Action Council Praises Assembly for Restoring EPIC Funds

February 2011 Legislative Gazette Budget cuts worry advocates of all stripes

November 2010 Legislative Gazette Retiring OFA director vows to continue in advocacy role

October 2010, Elmira: Reporting on the Elder Security Index, print article and video interview

Watch video of the Launch of New York’s Elder Security Index

A vintage story from 1988:  Young at Heart Politically, Elderly Lobby