NYS Elder Economic Security Index

Findings of the New York Elder Economic Security Initiative

New York is home to a diverse community of older adults. Elders with a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and income levels live, work, and volunteer in the state. Their contributions to New York’s culture and economy are vast. Yet, rising financial challenges threaten the economic security of older New Yorkers with modest incomes and limited assets. Economic challenges threaten the ability of New York elders to participate in the cultural, social and political affairs of their communities.

These realities compelled StateWide Senior Action Council, Inc. (StateWide) to launch the New York Elder Economic Security Initiative™ (Initiative) in partnership with Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW), a national advocacy organization based in Washington D.C. New York is the tenth state to officially launch the Initiative.

The guiding tool of the Initiative, the Elder Economic Security Standard™ Index (Elder Index), measures how much income is needed for an older adult to adequately meet his or her basic needs – without public or private assistance – based on an elder’s housing and health statuses. The table below outlines the annual Elder Index for seniors living in regions across New York State.

Elder Security Index Chart

Source: Wider Opportunities for Women (2010) Elders Living on the Edge: When Basic Needs Exceed Income in New York (Release Date: April 2010)

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