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June 21, 2018

The New York Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) is part of a nationwide education and assistance program working to empower seniors and caregivers to prevent, detect, and report Medicare fraud and waste. You can report suspected problems to SMP. Our staff and trained volunteers work to correct errors and report abuse of the Medicare system to […]

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Senate Health vote by 9/30 – calls needed to NYS House members
September 22, 2017

The US Senate is poised to vote on a new bill called Cassidy-Graham to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. This bill is worse than many previous proposals, and estimates Read more here NYS will be negatively impacted: Five states would see a reduction in federal funds of 30 percent or more from 2020-2026. New […]

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Senate Health Care Vote Likely July 20, 2017 – Calls needed
July 12, 2017

Even if you called already – make another call before the expected vote on Thursday July 20. Representatives and Senators heard an earful during the Congressional recess; constituents want health insurance fixed, not worsened. Constituent outrage has slowed down passage, but the Senate Health Care bill is getting worse and worse. Now, on top of […]

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